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Day 26 of the Longest Walk

Porthcurno to Penzance
Porthcurno to Penzance

Day 11 of this weeks adventures and day 26 in total of The Longest Walk.

The Rockridge B&B was as good as the room and the view from it. We ate at the Cable Inn in Porthcurno which was very reasonable and good food, bonus Happy
We started quite early today as we knew we’d like to stop off in Mousehole and the the descriptions for the first part of the walk was strenuous, and as we wanted to make sure we enjoyed our last day. The views of Porthcurno and the bay where as good as we remembered as when we walked in the evening before.
We took our usual excursion this time out to Logan Rock, this was well worth it but I’d say if it was wet you should take care if you climb right out on the rock.

We continued and today met a number of walkers that were also heading into Penzance and had been on a similar itinerary to ourselves. We kept passing each other as we took our natural breathing, picture and drinks stops.

We took lunch with one of the walkers at Larmorna Cove, there is a cafe just by the harbour as you head into the cove.

We continued on what was still a rocky and up and down stretch until we wandered down into Mousehole a very popular destination. We again took an ice cream and drinks stop here by the harbour and enjoyed the sun as it appeared in it’s full glory from behind the cloud.

The Yacht Inn was our next stop, unfortunately we didn’t get one of the sea view rooms a little disappointing but it seems that Cornwall was full, as we had been told on numerous occasions, by others.

*SWCP = South West Coastal Path

Pictures can be found here.
I will also add some short unedited clips of the Time Lapse walk on the video Page.

A few stats.
7 hours 50 mins walking. Total This holiday 52 Hours 25 mins
Total Walk 166 hours 59 mins
14.76 miles Distance, including extra walks to beaches and to the ends of any points we visited, we had to retrace some steps hence it was quite long!.
Total This week 152.65 Miles
Total Walk 347.53 Miles

Semi Official Data
This week total height climbed: 23,647ft (7,188m)
Mileage from Minehead to Current Location-
Distance: 276.9 miles
Estimated time: 131.75 hours
Total height climbed: 52,814ft (16,098m)

Total time out including stops photo opportunity, enjoying tea and cake, 9 hours 20 mins. Total this week 86 hours 49 mins. Total walk time out 217 hours 10 mins.
An extra piece of info from my Fitbit total Steps = 33131 including extra walks to beaches and to the ends of any points we visited.
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