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4th year running.

This year we will continue from Port Issac and end in Penzance.
This year we will continue from Port Issac, where we ended last year, and complete in Penzance going round Lands end and heading East well sorta Happy.
We booked again with LetsGoWalking so again all we have to do is walk and they’ll transfer out bags, and us when needs be.

We fairly last minute decided to catch the train to Cornwall, and I have to say the experience of not driving down to Cornwall so far has been a pleasure, from booking the taxi to take us to the station, receiving a txt confirming the booking, and then a txt so say the car was on it’s way and the type and registration, and even a txt confirming it was at my house, to getting on the train and although the change at Birmingham was a little bit of a pain, it was certainly easier than heading down to Euston and then on the underground to Paddington, that would have been a pain. Sat on the train looking at the traffic updates, which were all bad, yet I was chatting to Anne and having a gin and tonic and salmon sandwiches watching the world go by was a revelation.
Now I know that things go wrong on the trains but this was well a pleasure.
We woke on the first day getting ready for the transfer, a mistake of mine that I’ll chat about later in the blog, to high winds and driving rain, oh dear, and with a weather forecast for the next day of no rain but even higher winds, oh my!

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