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Day 0 of the Longest Walk

Traveling down and where we stayed.
The trip down to Porlock, our home for at least 3 nights of the walk (it’s not that complicated and I’ll explain later). Was ignited by Clare who had come back Sunday night from her tour with YB2K to Northern Europe, they were based in the Netherlands and toured Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. She then went to camp with her Girl guide group based near Bournemouth, we had to drop her off in Poole before heading to the Sea View Bed and Breakfast in Porlock.
On route to Porlock we stopped off at Sherborne Castle and also to the village of Dunster initially for the Gallox Bridge but the village, Castle and Mill worthy of a visit if you haven’t been.
So to explain the company we went with (LetsGoWalking) who were extremely helpful in helping us change our itinerary to match the days we had available. The package of maps and details about where we were staying and the walking information was comprehensive, so a great start and if the itinerary is fulfilled I have a feeling we’ll be using their services again.
To start we stayed at the Sea View B&B overnight before the first day of actual walking when we would be taken to Minehead the next morning to head back along the Coast Path to Porlock to stay again at the same B&B.
I have to say that Jill at the Sea View gave us a really friendly welcome and explained everything to us. The room is to high standards and the facilities were 4 star, as is their B&B rating well deserved, we can highly recommend the B&B and wait for the next report to see how good the breakfast is, but I have a feeling it’s going to be worth waking up for.

After settling in we walked down to the sea, Anne is a stickler for getting to the sea at every available opportunity, once we’d done the obligatory sea visit we ate at the Ship Inn, however I have bad news, yes it’s a disaster, I am now unable to eat a Steak & Ale Pie ever again, why? Because the Steak & Ale pie at the Ship Inn was the best I have ever tasted, and I know that any other that I try will fail. As you can guess, at the time of writing (20-Aug-2012) the food at the Ship Inn was wonderful.

Now time for sleep before a walk that I’m highly anticipating.

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