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Day 17 of the Longest Walk

Padstow to Harlyn Bay.
Padstow to Harlyn Bay.

What a warm and welcoming place The Golden Lion is, great food, lovely room a lovely old pub and the breakfast was fab. I have to say if you want somewhere to stop in Padstow you won’t go far wrong stopping here.

We knew todays walk was likely to have some strong winds, well there had been a weather warning hadn’t there! And the British weather didn’t let us down, mind you what comes with high winds is a big raging sea and that in it’s self is pretty spectacular.

We set off after a leisurely start this was only a short and fairly easy stretch so we knew we’d make it in plenty of time to our next destination. Mind you on reaching the look out station at Stepper Point and the way the wind was trying to blow us backwards, we did wonder if we’d make it at all.
That did make the walk interesting and even though it wasn’t raining, there were occasions when we got wet, this was down to sea spray.
We walked past plenty of ‘holes’ Pepper Hole, Butter Hole, Fox Hole and we finally reached what we knew as the whom hole, this is actually called the Round Hole at Trevone, we knew it as the whom hole purely because that describes the noise the sea makes when it’s crashing in at the bottom. That’s how these appear, I believe, the sea undercuts a cliff and at a change in the rock the ground collapses and the sea washes that out until it finally becomes large enough to cut into the land and you’ll loose more of the coastline.
We had an ice cream at Trevone, and we sat and ate them whilst looking at the surfers and people playing in the crashing waves, this brought back memories as we have holiday’d here a few times previously.

From Trevone it’s a relatively short walk to Harlyn Bay, and as we were so early it wasn’t time to book in to the Harlyn Inn, so we went down to the beach and paddled people watched and maybe I inspected the insides of my eyelids for 30 minutes Happy

When we got to our room, again very nice, I was somewhat aghast to find the lack of any network signal, not such a big surprise, but also no ‘working’ WiFi, so as I write this I have no idea when I’ll be able to post... Oh well.
And I find WiFi in the bar just not in our room, damn that means I’ll have to have a beer Happy

If you have been thinking about doing a long distance walk, certainly in the UK then look online for a company like Lets Go Walking as they take the strain out of organising the accommodation and transfer of luggage and you, and the experience is well worth the effort of the walking.

*SWCP = South West Coastal Path

Pictures can be found here.
I will also add some short unedited clips of the Time Lapse walk on the video Page.

A few stats.
2 hours 40 mins walking. Total This week 8 Hours 10 mins
Total Walk 122 hours 44 mins
7.98 miles Distance, including extra walks to beaches and to the ends of any points we visited.
Total This week 22.32 Miles
Total Walk 206.90 Miles

Semi Official Data
This week total height climbed: 3,667ft (1,118m)
Official Mileage from Minehead to Current Location-
Distance: 172.5 miles
Estimated time: 75.30 hours
Total height climbed: 35,662ft (10,870m)

Total time out including stops photo opportunity, enjoying tea and cake, 5 hours 15 mins. Total this week 11 hours 55 mins. Total walk time out 142 hours 33 mins.
An extra piece of info from my Fitbit total Steps = 17911 including extra walks to beaches and to the ends of any points we visited.

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