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Day 18 of the Longest Walk

Harlyn Bay to Mawgan Porth.
Harlyn Bay to Mawgan Porth

Last night we decided to take a short walk to St Merryn and had some Fish & Chips in the Fryer Tuck, yum, we woke up early and got ready before going down to have breakfast, got to say that the Harlyn Inn did themselves proud on that front, certainly wasn’t expecting fresh croissants which were delicious, I of course had a full English.

We set off about 9:30 and got straight onto the beach as the tide was out walked towards The Cellars and climbed back up onto the path. the weather was windy but bright and the sun kept appearing had at times it was really quite warm. I did a 360 degree picture at Barras Bay, there is a lifeboat station close by interestingly it’s the Padstow Lifeboat station.
We carried on and walked past the lighthouse at Trevose head, we then headed out onto Dinas Head and this was a great spot for photo’s, which I took plenty. We carried on and walked past yet another Hole this one again called Round Hole, you have to be careful as these go straight down!

We found a bench overlooking Booby’s Bay and decided to take a break and have a hot chocolate and some chocolate raisins, well deserved. The view was great and it’s always interesting to do some people and surfer watching.
We walked along Constantine Bay beach and I have to say the views and picture stops from this point on was numerous and the reason we probably spent more time out then maybe we could have done.

We lunched at Porthcothan and the small shop just off the beach had great pasties at half the price of those found in Padstow.
After Portcothan we went to the end of Park Head again with great views, I tried to take some shots but I’m sure I didn’t do the views justice.
The walk from overall I would say was pretty easy and not too taxing, although being outside in the sun and wind for that length of time will still make you tired.

We arrived at Mawgan Porth found 5pm and walked along the beach before climbing over the bridge and walked into the Merrymoor Inn, we received a very warm welcome and when they mentioned about breakfast our mouths started watering but more of that tomorrow.

After getting into our room sorting out stuff out and I started transferring all the images from the GoPro over to the hard drive I use, we went for a walk on the beach I took a 360 which I think came out really well, go here to take a look at the 360’s I’ve taken so far.

If you have been thinking about doing a long distance walk, certainly in the UK then look online for a company like Lets Go Walking as they take the strain out of organising the accommodation and transfer of luggage and you, and the experience is well worth the effort of the walking.

*SWCP = South West Coastal Path

Pictures can be found here.
I will also add some short unedited clips of the Time Lapse walk on the video Page.

A few stats.
6 hours 00 mins walking. Total This week 14 Hours 10 mins
Total Walk 128 hours 44 mins
16.35 miles Distance, including extra walks to beaches and to the ends of any points we visited.
Total This week 38.67 Miles
Total Walk 223.15 Miles

Semi Official Data
This week total height climbed: 3,667ft (1,118m)
Official Mileage from Minehead to Current Location-
Distance: 172.5 miles
Estimated time: 75.30 hours
Total height climbed: 35,662ft (10,870m)

Total time out including stops photo opportunity, enjoying tea and cake, 7 hours 30 mins. Total this week 19 hours 25 mins. Total walk time out 150 hours 03 mins.
An extra piece of info from my Fitbit total Steps = 36446 including extra walks to beaches and to the ends of any points we visited.
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