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Day 21 of the Longest Walk

Perranporth to Portreath
Perranporth to Portreath

Day 6 of this weeks adventures and day 21 in total of The Longest Walk.

We had some close friends joining us today and they joined us for our final breakfast at the Seiners Arms before we set out.
The Seiners was what I’d call a solid place to stay, the breakfast was plentiful and had a great mix if not spectacular, the accommodation was comfortable and overlooking the sea always helps lift a room. I would recommend staying here, however be aware that Thursday nights are quiz nights so don’t expect an early night.

Unfortunately the tide was against us to start the walk on the beach, so we headed up the hill out of Perranporth and started what ended up a long day out on the walk, the weather which was spent to be overcast was anything but, not only was it warm, and at times hot, but the views were so clear with little to no haze, you could see for miles.

As we were walking with friends and talking on most of the walk today and with the walk pretty much after we’d past St Agnes being a cliff top walk I don’t have too much in the way to say, it was a very pretty stretch and seeing the Mine Buildings after Tubby’s Head was quite interesting.
We made our way down onto the beach at Chapel Porth and walked along to Porth Towan, be careful though as warnings are given that you could get cut off if the tide is wrong, so the heed of the tide times given.

We sat at the Blue Cafe at Porth Towan for probably much longer than we should have, but the chat was plenty and the drinking was enjoyable.

As we walked into Portreath we were greeted with a small shower which was ever so brief, today had been a long (because of our stop) and a hot day Happy

*SWCP = South West Coastal Path

Pictures can be found here.
I will also add some short unedited clips of the Time Lapse walk on the video Page.

A few stats.
7 hours 30 mins walking. Total This holiday 31 Hours 55 mins
Total Walk 146 hours 29 mins
13.58 miles Distance, including extra walks to beaches and to the ends of any points we visited.
Total This week 85.10 Miles
Total Walk 269.98 Miles

Semi Official Data
This week total height climbed: 11,443ft (3,488m)
Official Mileage from Minehead to Current Location-
Distance: 214.5 miles
Estimated time: 106.55 hours
Total height climbed: 42,076ft (12,825m)

Total time out including stops photo opportunity, enjoying tea and cake, 9 hours 00 mins. Total this week 47 hours 25 mins. Total walk time out 178 hours 01 mins.
An extra piece of info from my Fitbit total Steps = 39020 including extra walks to beaches and to the ends of any points we visited.
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