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Week 1 end of the Longest Walk

A summary of our first week on the Longest Walk.
I thought that I’d summarise some facts about the walk hope you find it interesting.

Day 1 Minehead to Porlock Weir Somerset
Distance: 9.5 miles
Total height climbed: 2290ft (698m)
Walking Time: 3 hours 20 mins walking
Time out: 6 Hours

Day 2 Porlock Somerset to Lynmouth North Devon
Distance: 14.5 miles
Total height climbed: 3064ft (934m)
Walking Time: 6 hours 35 mins walking
Time out: 8 Hours 30 mins

Day 3 Lynmouth to Combe Martin North Devon
Distance: 14 miles
Total height climbed: 4429ft (1350m)
Walking Time: 5 hours 55 mins walking
Time out: 7 Hours 10 mins

Day 4 Combe Martin to Lee Bay North Devon
Distance: 9 miles
Total height climbed: 2953ft (900m)
Walking Time: 3 hours 38 mins walking
Time out: 4 Hours 55 mins

Week 1 Totals
Distance: 46.6 miles
Total height climbed: 12736ft (3882m)
Walking Time: 19 hours 28 mins walking
Time out: 26 Hours 55 mins

We now have the bug for doing this walk, and although we’d love to do as much of it as we can in one go realistically we’ll be doing it bit by bit for the next few years, so I’ll come back to this blog next year, see you then.
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